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Shipping Instructions

Written firm Shipping Instructions issued in our favour, ensure a prompt and speedy attendance. Upon non-receipt of written instructions, Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc proceeds at its own discretion, but exclusively as the authorized representative of the client / principal.

Clients are encouraged to complete and sign a copy of the applicable shipping and insurance instruction, available upon request. There is a summary of the most frequently requested destinations worldwide, including US Fish & Wildlife Services’ designated ports of entry into the States, please view list of countries / ports here. We try, wherever possible and economically viable, to address shipments to the client’s closest port of destination.

We do not support the principal of “lucky packets”. Non-disclosure of our handling intentions can hold very negative surprises in store for all concerned. We do not rely on chances and coincidences.

Insurance Instructions

Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc in Windhoek/Namibia automatically covers marine transit insurance. Insurance cover is reflected separately in our quotes / invoices, in accordance with our published tariff (premium is 1,1% of the insured value). Transport insurance cover is optional, but advisable. The basic cover entails:

Property Insurance on an All-Risks basis, whilst consignment is in transit from the premises of our Company to the port of destination. Certain general exceptions apply, being: Wear & Tear, Damage or Loss due to insufficient packing, scratching, denting and confiscation. Indemnification is only considered for costs of suitable replacement of the hunting trophies, processing expenditures (where applicable) and transport charges. No further cover is included in this basic option.

In addition to the basic cover, clients can instruct Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc to include the following additional expenditures into the insurance cover for the concerned hunting trophies. Consideration should be taken, that a comprehensive insurance cover will be insurable at a higher premium:

  • Transfer costs for the journey from residence to airport of departure and return
  • Flight costs from airport of departure to Namibia and return
  • Shuttle costs from Windhoek Airport to hunting area and return
  • Any further transport – transfer costs (hunt related)
  • Daily accommodation costs on hunting lodge and/or hunting safari guide fees
  • Trophy fees
  • Car hire/charter flight (if and when applicable, hunting related)
  • Excess baggage/luggage surcharge (firearm related)
  • Other (to be specified)

Please note, that all requested additional expenditures to be insured must, in the event of a claim, be substantiated by means of invoices, receipts and any other written proof. The insurance premium for the comprehensive cover is 1,35% of the total insurance value.

Credit Card Authorization
  • We have credit card payment facilities available.
  • Instead of arranging a payment via bankers telegraphic / wire transfer, clients may wish to settle the shipping charges with their credit card ( Visa and MasterCard ).
  • This facility should save clients additional banker’s fees and may prove far more convenient and customer friendly.
  • For this purpose and conform to worldwide Visa requirements, we request clients to utilize our credit card authorization form and return it to us by e-mail attachment or fax. Certain confidential data may also be sent separately via WhatsApp or any other medium of communication, to ensure safety and security.
  • In the same context we may point out, that pre-payment of shipping charges is generally significantly cheaper than accepting “charges collect”. Please always bear in mind: the shipping charges will ultimately have to be settled. With terms “charges collect”, someone else will have to undertake the settlement to us on the client’s behalf. This is commonly subject to a facility/disbursement or “cc”-fees (customary in this trade).

Power of Attorney
  • This form only applies to German nationals.
  • Receipt of this completed and signed Form enables us to attend to the compulsory Cites import and export formalities for Cites app.I species (specially protected game).
  • Cites app. I species (ie. cheetah and leopard) are subject to valid Cites import permits from the country of permanent residence of the hunter concerned. Normally the hunter must apply for his Cites import permit himself.
  • The German Cites Management Authority allows us to apply on behalf of the hunter, subject to this “Vollmachtserklärung”.

US Cites Import Permit
  • It is a common phenomenon that the US Fish & Wildlife Services’ Cites import permits are issued incorrectly. They are subsequently rejected by our Namibian Cites management authority.
  • Enclosed we provide a sample US FWS Services’ Cites import permit for visualizing.
  • It is a Cites requirement, that the correct origin of the Cites species must be mentioned within the substantiating documentation.
  • The US application (form) for a federal FWS license/permit only makes provision for the Applicant (Permitee) and Consignee, which is usually one and the same person.
  • It is imperative that field no. “4” (Consignee) refers to the origin (hunting guide/PH) in the country of origin.
  • Under no circumstances should the local taxidermist of shipping company be mentioned within the Cites permit(s).
  • Clients are welcome to contact us for further guidance or information in this regard.

Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc is a specialized shipping agency, dedicated in providing hunters with service excellence and fully transparent trophy handling processes, meeting individual customer requirements, with choice of routings and at most competitive rates.

For shipping instructions, trophy labels & handling and/or shipping cost estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Namibia Safari Service will not share, disclose or otherwise provide your data to any outside organisation. Please view our Privacy Policy.

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