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Basis for Freight Calculations

Freight charges are based on the chargeable weight applicable to the mode of transport. This is not necessarily the actual weight. With airfreight volumetric weight also applies. When applicable, this is considered to be the basis of calculation.

Example: with a shipping unit weighing 75 kg and having the dimensions; 108x78x100 cm, the applicable chargeable weight is 140.5 kg (rounded up to the next 0.5 kg).

We comply with the IATA international valid and applied regulations, to establish the volumetric weight in airfreight: To calculate the volumetric weight, the maximum length by the width by the height of the shipment in cms is multiplied and the total divided by 6000.

Validity of Published Freight Rates

The shipping of hunting trophies with the related import and export formalities is a very complex and dynamic environment. Frequent changes with port health and wildlife import / export requirements and regulations, influence shipping routes and freight rates regularly. The same applies to exchange rate fluctuations.

Whereas the rates applied by us are anticipated to be valid for a longer period of time, adjustments may on occasions be inevitable. During the past couple of years, we were able to maintain our published rates for a full calendar year.

Receipt and Shipping of “Unworked”- Dipped Trophies

The company Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc accepts and ships un-worked, raw trophy material. The receipt of same is handled via our affiliated company, Messrs. SMART DIP Namibia. SMART DIP Namibia is an officially registered facility with MAWLR . SMART DIP Namibia operates 2 separate production lines:

  • PREFERENTIAL trophy treatment (primary emphasis on dipping); completion within 4 weeks after receipt of the pre-cleaned trophy material at very affordable rates and
  • COMPREHENSIVE trophy cleaning; completion within 8 to 9 weeks after receipt of the field prepared trophy material, likewise at very reasonable and competitive rates.

The trophy treatment application method is determined by the overall condition of the trophy material accepted, plus the extent of the pre-cleaning undertaken by the PH/Outfitter.

Raw trophy material, having undergone an official treatment and/or cleaning via SMART DIP Namibia is thereafter packed and transferred to Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc for shipping. This service offers clients a unique ‘one-stop shop’ contact and partner for all related post-hunting-services.

Destination Handling and Charges

Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc, based in Windhoek, cannot accept any responsibility for the import customs clearance and delivery arrangements plus related costs after the arrival of the trophy shipments at their ports of destination. Arrangements from this point onward are based on the agreements reached between the import customs broker/agent and the consignee/client. We advise clients timely, prior to shipping, of options available! Whilst Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc undertakes everything in their power to ensure compliance, it is in the onus of the Importer (client), or his/her representation, to ensure import compliance within the destination country.

Pre-alerts and Transit Times

Any references made in shipping documents to estimated dispatch and arrival dates are understood to be good indications. These are totally dependent on the actual loading by the carrier concerned and the dispatching of the cargo on the flights / vessels as planned and anticipated. Delays (in particular for goods in transit through different ports) can never be excluded. The import customs brokerage company / agent usually requires further 5 full working days for the necessary import customs formalities at the ports of destination.

Shipping Rates for Hunting Trophies

Shipping rates are quoted in kilogram and are subject to the chargeable weight. We can gladly upfront indicate to our clients the projected volume/mass of their order. Our rates are always ex depot Windhoek (incl. all petty charges) and up to the air-/seaports of destination. All charges from the port of destination (import customs clearance, cross haulage, delivery, veterinary or customs inspection etc.) are invoiced “separately” by the port authorities / customs brokerage / agent of the client’s choice. We recommend that clients enquire about the rates ahead of shipping and obtain a written quote for the inland costs arising.

Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc publishes annually revised shipping tariffs to frequently used destinations for more than 25 years. These are available upon request and more often than not, remain unchanged for the applicable calendar year.

  • The rates are reviewed once annually, prior to the new hunting season.
  • The rates published are intended to remain binding for the year in progress. They can however occasionally adjust due to exchange rate and worldwide fuel price fluctuations.
  • Our rates are understood to be very good indications. They certainly assist in establishing upcoming shipping charges, prior or whilst the hunt is in progress and enabling clients to undertake an informed decision.
Carrier Weights & Measures

AIRFREIGHT: For large light-weight shipments, we comply with IATA regulations and charge the greater of either the volumetric weight or the actual weight. To calculate the volumetric weight, multiply the length by the width by the height of a shipment in cms and divide the total by the factor “6000”.

The larger of the two (actual or volumetric weight ) is applied as chargeable weight.

OCEAN FREIGHT: 1000,0 kgs ( 1 ton ) actual weight is equal to 1 cbm. 1 cbm equals 167,0 kgs chargeable weight in airfreight terms.

ROADFREIGHT: Customary the chargeable weight with road freight is being established similar to airfreight, however the result, in multiplying the l x w x h in cms, is divided by a factor “3000”.

Namibia Safari Services and Supplies cc is a specialized shipping agency, dedicated in providing hunters with service excellence and fully transparent trophy handling processes, meeting individual customer requirements, with choice of routings and at most competitive rates.

For shipping instructions, trophy labels & handling and/or shipping cost estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Namibia Safari Service will not share, disclose or otherwise provide your data to any outside organisation. Please view our Privacy Policy.

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